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Thursday, October 27, 2011


The downside to having a job and not owning a private jet is that i can't be everywhere all the time. One party i'm really sad i missed is the GQ Best Dressed Men do in Jozi. It was on a Monday of all nights. So i asked my friend Fumi to pop in for us and snap a couple of crowd pics. He did just that, which i'm super grateful for, but then he got on a flight the following day and spent the week chilling on a beach resort in Zanzibar. Along with his camera and the pics. He kinda decided not to bother with email either, what with all the distractions Zanzibar had to offer. But we love him anyway. He is back in SA and using email again, so he sent us the pics and the write-up below. Enjoy. Oh and he is quite the avid tweet-er and funny as fuck, follow him @onefumi.

Dearest Skat, forgive my tardiness but I'm actually writing this from Zanzibar where in front of me is the endless Indian Ocean and a very attractive, very buff, young Zanzibari raking leaves from the sand in front of my room. I really should be paying more attention to him actually, but the guilty feelings regarding my lax attitude to this write-up prohibit me from enjoying both views. About the GQ Best Dressed Men of 2011 Awards; I must first apologise for the kak-ish quality of the images, but trust me, you’ll live. Besides, I am a wordsmith,  photography is an entirely new world for me. I would also like to thank the lovely people who let me immortalise their shit.

Now skat, fashion isn't really my world – i'm a banker by day and a shameless hanger-on by night – so it was skant surprise that I got more than one quizzical look from those in attendance. Or perhaps it was the leather shorts and silk blouse that Jamakazi Thelejane had slapped on my skinny frame. Who knows these things?

The nominees list was strange to me – I couldn't figure out what criteria is applied for one to make it on to the list, but if you know Skat please share. It was nice to see Jamey Lipschitz guy repping for us lowly banker folk (even though he rocked up in denim jeans, a white untucked shirt and a black blazer – YAWN!). I think it's safe to say that we all collectively fell in love with Masego 'Maps' Maponyane that night, who brought his mom as his date – as if he wasn't adorable enough as it is. Eventually the big prize was won by Oscar Pistorius – who looked hot as hell!

The people that make Jameson sure do know how to get a fag drunk – free-flowing 15-year old whiskey and champagne all night. Well, until 10pm anyway. By which time the rest of the fags and I were already hlokolozing on the dancefloor. 

Anyway skat, there's a troupe of Masai warrior types on the beach trying to get my attention so let me attend to them and leave you to go about your day. Toodles.

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  1. LOLgasm! HILAROUS!!! Loves It!


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