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Friday, October 14, 2011


I know i know skat, i'm getting back to my bad old habit of neglecting my blog. I swear it wasn't intentional. Please let me explain. After years of dissing and ignoring the idiot box i finally caved in and decided to join the masses and get dstv. ja ja it's bloody repetitive and at times boring but it beats that government tv. so i spent a couple of nights last week and the entire weekend totally horizontal watching b-grade movies and the History channel, trying my very best to avoid reality shows. I fucking hate reality shows, and i really don't get why they are so popular. Anyway I got back to my senses this week and i got up off the couch and started attending events again. Alas, i don't know what the fuck happened in the time i was gone but shit has not been looking good. I've attended a total of six events so far this week and i am only able to publish pics from one event, which is photographer Nico Krijno's solo show at the Museum Gallery at Upper East Side hotel in Woodstock. Nico was also launching his book "On How To Fill Those Gaps". Follow this link to his site to check out some more of his beautiful work. So like i said above, except the pics tonight, the rest of the week has not been so kind. It's tough times in Cape Town, outfits are being repeated like they are going out of fashion (wait, they are). There's a dearth of skattielisciousness. Fuck maybe it's me, maybe i'm gatecrashing the wrong events, blame it on my somewhat mediocre social skills. Let's hope there's a better weekend ahead or i might get desperate and go back to roasting the unfortunately dressed. Speaking of unfortunate, i also gatecrashed the Ray-Ban something or other launch. Ja i'm not really sure what the event was about, i wasn't really invited, fortunately i really do love gatecrashing, always brings me a fucked up sense of achievement. Can't seem to shake off the dodge. I found out about the ray-ban do quite by accident tonight when i overheard at another party that a certain fashion editor who was supposed to go was not gonna make it, so i decided right there and then to borrow the editor's name and head to the party, didn't bother telling the editor though. And don't judge me skat, i was desperate and i did it all for you, not really, the fomo had me in its grip. Anyway, i didn't really get what i was looking for. But the skattie below in the yellow shirt kinda made it worthwhile. There were bands and lots of free booze, but unfortunately i'm not too clued in with the band scene and i'm back on my sobriety thing so no booze for me, possibly for the rest of my life. Ja ja i know i've said it before. I'm allowed to dream skat, this could be it, this could be that final quit. I filled in  an online questionnaire on alcohol dependency and according to the results i need to quit immediately or seek professional help. Bless the internet. So here i am. Sober. The website which led me to this decision also promises me that i will not necessarily become a bore. I want so badly to believe them.

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