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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Ola skattie, it's been a while. My usual excuse; it's been a kak-busy week at the day job, plus my car is still giving me shit, just a couple more weeks and I'm selling the piece of rubbish. Between work and car troubles, i haven't been going out much and the one time i went out to a nice people event i forgot my damn camera at home. So i had to try and snap a coupla pics with my phone. The experience reminded me of early last year when i first started this blog, when i used to take pics on my Nokia n97. How things have changed. It's just a little more than a year later and Nokia shops are the Jurassic parks of cellphone shops. In fact, come to think of it i haven't seen a Nokia in a long time and the last time i saw one it was in the hands of a near retirement corporate type with attachment issues to Symbian. Wow, to think not so long ago the Symbian OS was the shit in cellphone technology. Indulge me skattie, I'm kinda fascinated by gadgets, the rise of new technologies and their fall when they refuse to change with the times. We saw it happen to MySpace, then we saw it happen to Nokia and now we are watching it happen to Blackberry. Anyway whateva.  Thanks to a friend of mine with a healthy disregard for piracy laws, i've also been catching up on one of the latest tv series, it's called 'Game of Thrones'. Get your hands on that shit, it is fucking amazing. Okay, if you hate 'period' drama with a dash of fantasy it might not be your thing. But i think it is so good it's practically satanic. At least Google it or IMDB or something, it got a 9.4 on IMBD, i'm just saying. Mind you I'm one of those people that really really really love the Lord of the Rings trilogy movies, so fantasy and period are right up my alley. I even forgave JRR Tolkien for imagining all the races of middle earth as white, with the evil bloodthirsty orcs as the only dark skinned creatures...mhmm. The shit we take in the name of entertainment. If i'm to be really honest with myself, Game of Thrones has a bit of that too. But hey, like J-Lo said "Is that a political question? Sorry i don't do political questions". Can't wait for season 2, no really.


  1. I totally love "Game of Thrones". You have good taste, skat.
    Much love from PE.

  2. my sister right there wearing jacket!!


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