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Monday, September 26, 2011


I went to Jozi this past weekend to attend SA Fashion Week. I was also invited to post about the shows on the SA Fashion Week blog. I was of course very excited about that, it certainly is not as easy a task as i thought. It was a quite the learning curve. I've said in past blog posts that i don't see myself as a fashion commentator type, and i have quite a lot of respect for the fashion writers, bloggers and editors who do it on the regular. Whilst this blog features pics of people in clothes, it's way more about the party and the lighter side of life than about the very important business of fashion. I guess it's easier to just type a whole lot of irresponsible bullshit on this blog after a drunken night without worry of consequence, thinking whoever doesn't like it can just fuckoff to the next site or express their distaste on the comments section, which is also cool. However when one is dealing with people's blood sweat and tears the irreverence and that "need for critical engagement" i like to self-righteously flaunt doesn't come so easy. Don't get me wrong skattie i wouldn't express an opinion that wasn't truly mine, my vanity always gets the better of me. I'm just being mildly introspective and private person that i am i just have to share that experience on this blog. One of my favourite things about life is all the learning that helps you grow, gently altering  the way you view things, and i am grateful to SAFW for the invitation, the fashion and the many lessons learnt. Okay, i won't bore you with anymore introspection (blame it on sleep-deprivation). To be honest it is one of my least favourite qualities in blogs. I'd much rather read drunken ramblings. I stopped watching arthouse movies for similar reasons, and i used to love that shit, but lately all i want from my movies is a little bit of escapism and a familiar storyline. I could be dumbing down proper, but let's save that bit of introspection another day when humour fails me.


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