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Sunday, September 18, 2011


I mentioned in my previous post that i've had a rather quiet week at home watching pirate dvds. It was all getting rather boring, so boring i actually contemplated watching tv, and i don't have dstv skat so i'm talking about that basic shit. You can imagine then how fucking ecstatic i was when Saturday came and brought with it exhibitions, parties and boozy lunches. So please excuse me while i brag about my weekend. I went on a bit of an alcoholic binge but i fucking deserved it skat. It's been a hard week, i shit you not. I woke up super early on Saturday and fear of blogdeath drove me to the market at the biscuit mill in search of pics, needless to say i didn't win. It all looked rather suburban, so i drank. Then i went off to check out an exhibition opening at the Goodman Gallery, i ran into friends, i drank. Then off to El Burro for lunch and interview with Ndu from Live Mag which will be launching in SA in November. I got there and found a margarita with my name on it, so i drank. Went home got my bicycle (coz it's better to drink and ride than to drink and drive), then rode the Cape Quarter to join friends for uhmm...drinks. Then i rode back home to get ready for the evening. My friend Zo arrived with a coupla drinks to get us into the mood whilst choosing our outfits. Then we went to my friend Storm's dinner party, we got there and there was lotsa bubbly so we drank. Then it was time to go to the main party of the evening which was the Marie Claire Loeries Winners afterparty at The Reserve. I've never been there before, it's actually a shit hot venue. I'm normally not into fancy venues that require a dresscode and a fat wallet (a friend told me you need to put down a R4000 deposit to book a table at the Reserve, haven't confirmed it yet tho), but i think i might go back and check this one out. The only bad thing about the party was the Patron ice bar. Seriously skat, me and tequila are not a good mix, yes we mix often but no good ever comes of it. There was just so much of it, so i drank. After a couple of hours we went off to Neighbourhood to gatecrash the Ogilvy Loeries afterparty. A much less imaginative choice of venue but a fucking brilliant vibe. I drank i danced i chatted i made new friends and eventually found myself drinking bubbly on the balcony of a Tamboerskloof home in the early hours of the morning, with three people i met earlier in the evening. Ja i'm content, just the kind of bender i needed, from time to time we all need one of those skat, unless you're in AA, in that case i don't recommend it. I think i'm gonna watch tv now and nurse this bitch of a hangover.


  1. Skattie, I dont know if Im sure I agree these recent photos are fabulous>> maybe if you added comments I could understand what seems like quite a different source to your style blog? Sometimes too much glitter makes you squint not that I use that as a rule, if I had a rule it would be to wear sequins out dancing so that my movements make the room blitz, it doesnt translate as well in a one hand on hip and slouch pose. This is not a negative critique, I assure you I am an interested reader.

  2. Hi Miss repper, thank for the feedback. I prefer not to put comments on the photos because i think it is better for people to look at them and form their own opinions about the pics as you have in the comment above, which i like by the way because i think it is a positive thing. What's even more interesting though is that a couple of trusted close friends of mine have expressed opinions very similar to yours about the sequined dress. Me there's something i enjoy about the pic, which is why i've left it there. :-)


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