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Saturday, February 19, 2011


A couple of weeks ago i wrote a post on another Doepelganger event. If you are not familiar with them best you go read that post, better yet fuck my post go straight to their website and familiarise yourself quick. It's so exciting to watch this happen, these guys are creating a platform for themselves and other creatives, by doing so they are also carving a niche in the cultural landscape. Thursday night marked their first of many designer-musician colabos to come. They showcased Zaki Ibrahim's musical talent and Odysseus of Arnreuby's fashion talent. In case you're bit slow maybe i should make it clearer; the red dress that Zaki is wearing on stage was made by Ody. Not sure what else to tell you that you can't see from the pics. I always struggle with words when writing about events that i'm very personally proud of. I really am so proud of these guys, watching people i've known for sometime grow and do these beautiful and amazing things is such an amazing experience in itself. Wit escapes me, humor too, and i turn into an emo shithead who just wants to go on about how proud and amazed and proud and amazed and proud and amazed and proud and amazed i am. Make sure to check out some more pics on UrbanMosadi's blog.


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