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Thursday, February 24, 2011


That up there my skat was going to be the title of a blog post i was going to post on Tuesday night. It was going to accompany stunning pictures that i took of Richard Hart's opening at What If The World Gallery this Maonday (i thought Monday nights belonged to AVA, you live and learn). I was planning on telling you about cravings and disappointment, the latter is not directed  at the art of course, I've made it clear before that i'm no art critic so i try not to comment on the art, i leave that to braver and less ignorant minds, besides i really enjoyed Richard's work. The dissapointment was aimed at myself. After 14 months as a self-righteous ex-smoker i succumbed to one puff which was then followed by another and get the picture. Dangerous situation skat, because once i start that ciggie habit it tends to stick like crack to Lindsay Lohan, like dodgy fashion choices  to Suzy Bell. As if that was not enough, i went and fuck of fucks i fucked up my whole diet mission with a steers burger which was followed i said, you get the picture. Unfortunately after all the wine i guzzled at WITW i got home and accidentally erased all the images and just like that no more oh-poor-me post. But i can't resist a pity-party so i thought i'd let you know anyway. Let's move on to a new title more relevant to today's post:


I went with my friend Zo and her immediate reaction as we entered the gallery was "Oh my Gawd this so refreshing, an exhibition with actual paintings", and oh my fuck can he paint! Got me thinking a bit actually, there's never any fucking painting at a lot of the exhibitions i go to. Don't they teach people that anymore in art school? It's always conceptual this installation that. Don't get me wrong skattie, i love all of it, what kind of pretentious, hanger-on, wannabe art-fag would i be if i didn't? But i'm just saying. Okay, now i'm gonna and read my Matthew Hindley catalogue so i can get a bit of an art education.

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