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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I started writing this post on Sunday the 13th, the day before valentine's. We were chilling on the beach and it was one of those typically beautiful summer weekends in Cape Town. I'd taken these snaps on Saturday the 12th and i wanted to put down a few words to accompany them, maybe some cheesy shit about Valentine's. However I couldn't think of much else  besides a rather disturbing incident that took place in the early hours of that morning. Actually skat, to call it disturbing is a serious understatement. It shook, shocked and infuriated me. I'd had a bit of a night which started with dinner in the company of friends at home, then we hit the city streets and eventually ended up at a friend's place in the early hours of the morning. In addition to my friends i was also in the company of a guy i'd met earlier that evening when he came to dinner at my place as a friend's guest. I can't really remember his name, so we'll call him Cunt for now. Cunt was a pleasant guest and made for entertaining company throughout the evening. Anyway, back to the early hours of the morning bit; we were relaxing and chatting when Cunt saw it fit to grab my friend's crotch, without any sort of provocation or invitation.  What the fuck skattie? Now my friend is no shrinking violet so she let him have it and we were all obviously extremely upset and we all let him have it. Upon confrontation, Cunt denied it then claimed "the slut wanted it" (yes Mr Cunt's hand also moonlights as The Pussy Whisperer) and then he denied it again, whateva.  Now skattie we  all know there are major issues in this country when it comes to how men view women's bodies and a woman's place in society. The rape statistics alone tell a bleak fucking story, but sometimes we forget just how prevalent these fucked up attitudes/actions are. It's easy for sexual crimes to become something that happens over 'there' or to 'them'. This incident however was a reminder that it's not just some freaky easily identifiable criminal type who disrespects and abuses women's bodies. These are also people we know, people we invite into our homes, people we break bread with, people we have amazing conversations with. That my skat is just the freakiest part about the ills of our society. Oh and did i mention that Cunt has a wife and a child, and whilst walking through the gorgeous new Greenpoint park on the very same Sunday we spotted him having a wholesome picnic in the company of friends and family. Just 14hrs later skat, breaking bread with those very same enquiring hands, and laughing loudly with that very same mouth that told us that 'the slut wanted it'.


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