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Saturday, February 19, 2011


I got home a little late after work on Wednesday evening. I caught a little bit of the 7 o'clock news, it was something about protests in Ermelo. It really looked rather intense. If you've kept up with the news for the last couple of years you'll know that there's been a lot of service delivery related protest action. The worst affected being the poor of course, it's fucked up and honestly quite frustrating, the poor in our country are getting poorer, yho. Don't freak out skat i'm not getting all political on you, i know you don't roll like that, well unless protest inspired gear is in vogue  again. Okay, from the working classes to the intellectual classes. I left after the news to go the Pan African Market on Long street where the Chimurenga magazine hosted three editors from a Swedish literary magazine. The editors gave a "multi-layered talk investigating the poetics of silence". Okay. The presentations were followed by a Q & A session and there were a lot of questions about silence as a form of protest...i kept quiet.  The event started at 6pm, I got there at 7.35pm. Not out of disrespect for anyone's work but rather because i have the attention span of a goldfish and i am comfortably shallow. If i get even the slightest whiff of an academic paper i break into a rash, and then one being read in public to an audience, yoh skattie i just have to close my eyes and think 'happy place happy thoughts happy place happy thoughts Dolce & Gabbana Givenchy Jil Sander Suzaan Heyns Clive Rundle Black Coffee Victoria Beckham David Tlale  Christian Dior Kate Moss Naomi Campbell Shala Monroque Thula Sindi Anna Wintour Tommy Ton Gareth Pugh Karl Lagerfeld Christopher Strong Andre Leon Talley Prada bloody Prada Rei Kawafuckingkubo Carine Roitfeld Anna Dello Russo Missibaba Alibaba Fuck whateva, is it over yet?' Phew!


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