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Sunday, January 30, 2011


I am especially proud of this event for two reasons. Firstly because Yang Zhao and i go back a bit, i remember many years ago chilling at her old flat above the Garden Center when she started the DOE project, listening to her ideas and checking out her concepts. And now a few years later, she's got a label that with a strong cultural presence, this specific presentation displayed collaborative work she did with other creatives The second reason is that Athi-Patra Ruga was recently made vice-chairman of VANSA and this was the first event he organised. So yes, I am proud as fuck of these two. I don't what else to tell you skat, for some odd reason i struggle with words when events have a very personal significance, both Yang and Athi are very inspirational to me, mainly because they are not just about the airy-fairy pie-in-fucking-sky creative ideas, they are also about follow-thru and i love people who make it happen. You can familiarize yourself with all things DOE at this Blogspot and on this Wordpress blog. Also keep an eye on VANSA as this was the first of many conversations Athi-Patra and the team have planned.


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