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Sunday, December 12, 2010


I moved back to to Cape Town two years and i met Unati a couple of months later. I am a big fan of her personal style. That much i've made clear over a few posts. We almost always run into each other at art exhibitions and at other more questionable gatherings. I can safely say that at every single one of those occasions i've snapped a picture of her. In fact if you check the post directly below you'll see a pic of her amongst the Rasta pics. When she invited me over for dinner, i made sure to bring my camera along, with intent to sneak in a style jam. So in-between glasses of wine and dinner preparations, we snuck in a few costume changes and had ourselves a bit of a style jam. I also discovered something i never knew about Unati, she bakes the most fucking amazing stuffed bread to order, check the pic to see, i insisted that she let me put her contact details here for anyone who might wanna give her a call to order the bread. Her number is 079 695 0052, obviously she lives in then Cape and if you live elsewhere you probably should not call her. All in all i've had a fantastic weekend, not that you care but hey. Well, it's almost midnight and tomorrow is Monday, so goodnight skattie.


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