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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Aweh skattie, i've had such a fucking nice week and Ras Teba's annual birthday celebration hip-hop/ragga/reggae street bash in Gugulethu was the cherry on top. The only thing i can think of that didn't go well this week was when my friend Kim called me to join her at Decodance on friday night. I'd just come from a costume party so  i was wearing jodhpurs with racing boots, the fuckers at the door did not wanna let me in at first claiming that they have a NO GUMBOOTS POLICY, i took major fucking offence to my bitchin sexy riding boots being called gumboots. Anyway i told them as much and one of them said and i quote, "this one's okay, let him in". And now please wait while i take out my race card skat. Once inside i noticed that the club was packed and 100% caucasian. Let's not act naive skat, this is main road  Sea point we're talking about. To keep a club on that street 100% white (admittedly, they did play Kings of Leon on the dancefloor), you'd have to have a very questionable door policy, whateva,  Kim and I didn't stay long. Fucking gumboots? Really? whateva happened to the old 'it's a private function' excuse? Anyway. I digress. Rastas, that's what we were talking about. In all honesty skat, their lifestyle choice is not my cup of tea, and i don't even wanna speak about the homophobia, and anyway this is not a rasta bashing post. We know the issues exist and must be regularly engaged with. Sommer just went serious there for myself. I guess i just wanna say thanks to Ras Teba for hooking up this streetbash. I'm looking forward to next year.


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