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Monday, December 6, 2010


Oy skat, if you've been following some of my latest posts i'm sure it'll be kind of obvious where i've been spending my Saturdays, the You & Me & Everyone We Know market at the Labia of course. Pity for the vendors coz i'm horribly cheap, even with their cool prices and awesome merchandise i'm still yet to look away from the bar long enough to actually do some shopping. Maybe i should learn to drink a little slower. I am of course a little concerned about spending my Saturdays at the same place all the time, but i really really do enjoy that market and one of these days i hope to do a little more shopping and a little less drinking. anyway, blah fucking blah and moving on, I like this bow and band combo from the girls at Vamp clothing, Nicci Bruce and Cheralee Lyle, click on this link to check out their website if you wanna see more or visit the market if you wanna see Nicci dance.


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