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Sunday, December 5, 2010


Obz....mhmmm...ja, anyway. A long time ago, a very very fucking long time ago when i was a member of the studying classes i used to live in Obz.  I enjoyed it thoroughly in those days, i crawled up and down its streets drinking and smoking all it had to offer.  I think i even owned a pair of printed pants. I used to look forward to Obzfest weekend. Time has kind of moved on and my tastes are a whole lot less boho than they used to be, so it was out of some sort of nostalgic romantic notion that i decided to go and check out the fest this Saturday. Ja, it was okay i guess, there's a R20 cover charge these days so it's not quite the free-for-all it used to be. A whole lot of families too, not really my scene. Thankfully there were not too many hippies either, hardly any actually, I guess they'd rather use their R20 buying supplies for their bongs. What wasn't different though was me getting drunk on the streets of good old Obslavatory, except i now weigh twice what i weighed then.


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