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Monday, June 28, 2010



Well, not that curious actually, anybody who’s picked up a magazine in the last year knows that it’s been hot for a while now, but it made for an interesting title and I made you look, so go ahead and sue me, it’s not like I’ve ever claimed to be above cheap tricks to get hits on my blog. But now that you are here, let’s get on with it. So my Saturday eventually ended up at the blank gallery, if you were there you’ll know how fun and interesting it was, if you weren’t, tough shit. My good friend of many years, Bettina Make-a-mess, oops I mean Malcomess, her alter ego Anne Historical (in the tweedy jacket) and the Blank Gallery put together a thoroughly enjoyable evening of art and soccer (don’t ask). Now, I must apologise if the above statement excludes others who might have a played a key role in putting the night together, I’m not a paid, nor am I trained journalist, so I feel absolutely no inclination to double check my facts before publishing. As I have stated so many times before, I am no art critic, so ja no I can’t say much about the art, except that I would recommend you pay a visit to the blank gallery website (really, click on the link, go check) and familiarize yourself with the ideas behind the work, I personally found it very interesting. I am slightly biased in favour of the blank gallery, I find their openings and exhibitions to bring a breath of fresh air, they don’t take themselves too seriously and always bring a bit of fun to the sometimes stuffy business of art, even if they do insist on charging for the dop. I have not said much about the clothes, I do think it’s a pretty self explanatory story about the blazer, but I will leave this note for a certain Jon G, you know who you are: those tired D&G sneaks are not gonna cut it, it’s time to make some tough fashion decisions. Personally I’d exchange them for a copy of the Big Issue.


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