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Monday, June 21, 2010


Skattie, It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, I am a huge fan of local designers, especially those designers who are able to balance trends, style, and commercial viability, coz lets be honest skat, this here is South Africa and many former fashion students might as well be using their diplomas as placemats for all the good they do, I laminated mine and now it makes for a very effective and expensive dustpan. Enough about the “could-have-beens”, let’s rather celebrate the ‘doers’. Peacemaker is one such person, he is currently working on two labels, he runs ‘Masquerade’ which is his made-to-order label, and ‘Goat’(click to visit website) which is his ready-to-wear label, which as I’m sure you can tell by the pics above is the focus of this post. It’s Monday, I’m exhausted, I slipped up on my diet and binged on cupcakes, and my brain is threatening to go on strike, so I’m not gonna say too much, I’d rather  let the images do the talking, but I’m not gonna say absolutely nothing either skattie, coz his shop is fresh and I love it, so here goes: The shop is a little gem located on 102 Longmarket street in Cape Town. As the tagline says, it is 'a colourful brand'. Words that come to mind when checking both the shop and the merchandise on the rails: fun young quirky sporty urban sophistication global and most importantly, resolved. The pieces are easy to wear, the décor is easy on the eye. My personal favourites  are the high-waisted stone coloured peg leg pants,  and whilst I absolutely hate prescribing what others should wear, I really think all style lovin women should own peglegs, except the morbidly obese of course, and if you are so challenged, don’t take offence, take up a gym class. 


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