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Thursday, June 3, 2010


Ola Skatties and Aweh my cousins. Sad story, I finally get my hands on a real camera and guess what? It’s got even less megapixels than my cellphone. But wait, there’s more; my aspiration was also rewarded with some heavy red eye action and Skat if I have to look at them red eyes, then sorry so do you. Moving on swiftly, last night was the opening of Cameron Platter’s new exhibition at the WHATIFTHEWORLD Gallery on Lower main road, Woodstock. Now, those of you who remember what Lower Main Road (LMR to its current LSM) was like before the gentrification  will agree that a lot has changed, and in all fairness Justin and Cameron (not Cameron Platter the artist mentioned above), their projects and  the people involved in them have been major if not the main roleplayers in the upliftment of this street. The popular Neighbourgoods market on Saturday mornings, the WHATIFTHEWORLD Gallery, the Superette are all part of their contribution to LMR, Woodstock. Cool, enough about that, I fear some might think it an arselicking exercise, however, the few that do know me know I couldn’t give one, two or three shits, I just believe that credit must be given where it’s fucking due and fuck it, well done boys, you bitches rock. Anyway, blah blah blah yeah yeah yeah, back to the opening, what can I say, the hipsters were looking hip, the funk lovin ducks were looking funky and the cool kids were looking their most insecure icy cool, the personal style she was most interesting and directional, I’m even starting to feel a wee bit embarrassed about my tee shirt, jeans and All Stars situation. Loved every moment of it, the funnest fun I’ve had at an opening this year and one of my best nights in a while, a while being 5 days of course.


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