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Thursday, June 17, 2010


It’s been a while skatebol, 12 days to be exact ( a day for each step I guess, no worries u’ll get it just now). Not that I’m one driven by a desire to explain  myself, but just in case on a particularly uninteresting night you came looking  for the new ish and you left disappointed, I will explain. For very personal and highly confidential reasons known only to me and just about everyone who spotted me last Friday (yes the world cup opening Friday), I have decided to take the path less travelled by the fabulous, yes I am giving up the bottle and going sober. So for the last week and a bit I have kept away from events frequented by the fabulous, the ironic, the self consciously arty & the stylish, because we know how much they love their bubbly. And their gin. And our beer. And their whisky. And their pernod. And their wine. And our vodka, our lovely vodka. Anyway, the grieving is over skat. As Tina Turner is my personal lord and saviour, I hope buddha will give me strength, or maybe jesus will turn my valpre into merlot. So, here are some pics I took on the last days of my wannabe elegantly wasted glam art slut lifestyle, it was the sweetest sweet. The pics are a mix of skatties with interesting personal style from different events, and of course one of me with my last glass of wine, so if you see me skat, don’t offer me any dora or I’ll blerry drink it. Now we move soberly on forward, starting this coming Sunday, a shoot with Oddy of Arnreuby. I hope I spelled the name of your label correctly skat, it rolls off the tounge beautifully but it can induce dyslexia. Can’t wait for the shoot.


  1. kudos and strength for your newly sober life style xx

  2. loving it still ;-)


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