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Friday, November 16, 2012


Such an awesome day yesterday, Mr Price invited a group of us for a get together and lunch in Jozi to launch their new collaborations with hot London designer Henry Holland and with band-of-the-moment Fun, and their denims and tees campaign. Mr Holland and his crew were in attendance. If you don't know who Henry Holland is, then get googling sweetskat. The collabo with Mr P is a range of cool tees inspired by the House of Holland's ranges from the last 6 yrs to present. As awesome as the event and fashion was, the bit that really caught my attention was the work that Mr P's Red Cap Foundation does. As we all know, there's a lot of fucked up shit in our education system right now, and we also know that as things are we can't depend on government to fix it, so we need more social involvement from individuals and companies. The Red Cap Foundation does just that. I personally was very touched, i'm not gonna try and explain it in case i fuck that explanation up, so i've uploaded the video that came with the press release below, check it out, be inspired, get involved. btw R10 of the sale price from the Henry Holland tees at Mr P will go to the Red Cap Foundation.


  1. i'm looking at the style on this post and i'm wondering where Scott Schuman was looking when he was up in jozi... repping J-Sec hard over there!! LOVES IT!!!

  2. Dude I flipping LOVE you blog its so sick you have me on the floor rolling each time I take a peak.. Keep up your insane writing it makes for a great read!!! Wanna work with you! lol


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