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Monday, April 30, 2012


I swear there was no accessory more ubiquitous at the festival than the neck scarf, and not just on men either. But I really do dig them on men, there's not very many menswear accessories that are easy to pull off. A Frenchie friend tells me it's a very Frenchie thing to do, i just like it and i wanna get a whole lotta scarves. Anyway, my time here is almost over, i leave tomorrow evening :-(. But what's really fucked up though is that i got a really shitty case of hayfever and I had to spend today in bed and i had planned on getting on my scooter and riding to St Tropez, instead i'm a horizontal mucous machine and i'm feeling sorry for myself, so of course i'm stuffing myself with the biggest and tastiest macaroons I have ever seen. Anyway, back to it.


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