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Sunday, December 4, 2011


It all started well enough with an opening of a group show at the Stevenson Gallery featuring a range of artists including well-known names such as Pieter Hugo, Anton Kannemeyer, Zanele Muholi, Penny Siopis, Dineo Seshee Bopape, Wim Botha, Igshaan Adams and Nicholas Hlobo, you can follow this link to educate yourself about the artists and the  show. After a few drinks at the at the bar and walking around the gallery a couple of times to look at the works, I and a bunch of thirsty art loving reprobates moved on to the promise of free booze at the What If the World Gallery for Cameron Platter's exhibition opening, which is titled 'Fucking Hell'. Well, things went downhill from there, no not because of the art skattie, i loved the work. It was because along with the usual free wine they were also serving Black Label quarts, as in those 750ml bottles. Now skattie it's no secret, that shit is like mother's milk to me and at the same time it's the kryptonite to my Superman. And it was being served by cute bespectacled twins behind the bar. I swear it's a conspiracy.  Obviously after that the night couldn't stop there. So I joined friends for some more quarts at Ganesh, yes in obz. Yes i am also worried about my aesthetic well-being, i seem to be popping into Obz more and more often. This is not a good situation. All that said tho i still had an awesome time and at some point during the evening a group of professional dancers broke into a performance right there in the restaurant, true story skat. That was really awesome actually. All i could think of was 'now throw in a singer and we've got ourselves a real-life episode of Glee, at Ganesh nogal'. I swear everytime i disregard Cafe Ganesh as an irrelevant shebeen in Obz it always proves me wrong. Firstly with those kick-ass Crayfish samoosas and then this. 

....and later at Ganesh

Okay, Friday was a bit of a fuck up as is any other Friday night that ends up at EVOL. Thing is EVOL only starts heating up at about 1.30am and it peaks way after 2am, So you can imagine what state one is in by that time. And really skat my Friday evening also started out quite nice and civilised. My partner and I went to visit  friends for dinner, my friends are a married couple. We ate, we drank wine, we played Scrabble, we talked about owning property and shared our views on child-rearing. Eventually we left, dropped the car off at home, called a cab and well...I kind of came to in the early hours of the morning with the pics below in my camera.   

By now i was obviously just completely finished but i can't resist a costume party so i went to check out Andries' birthday party which was super fun but by midnight i had to head on home and start the journey towards recovery. There's phrase in Xhosa; "Uthand'izinto!", I swear that one is totally about me. KeDezemba i guess. I think i'm gonna stay put for a bit. 


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