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Thursday, December 8, 2011


ja ja ja skattie i know it's not the usual skattie type post. There's no artists, there's no hipster kids and there are no black label quarts. It's probably a little Top Billing with Joanne Strauss thrown in for good measure.  In fact now that i think about it there's a few friends from my past life when i used to live in Obz back in the early noughties who would disown me for posting about Euro-royalty. They were an anarchist cum socialist group that i used to share a house with. From time to time they'd organize meetings with other anarchists cum socialists where they would smoke copious amounts of skunk and plot the future pro-poor revolution in South Africa, they were gonna change our world, all 10 of them. I haven't heard from them in a while, the two leaders of the group hooked up with German women and then they moved to Berlin. I hope they're changing the first world for the better. But anyway fuck that, it was a long time ago and capitalism won in the end. As they say "the rich get richer and the poor get the message'. Back to tonight, the dress code on the invite was 'business', so i had no unrealistic expectations, i certainly did not expect any fashion revelations. However, even if the royals had arrived in PEP rags i would still have shot like a thousand pics of them. Seriously sweetskat, they're fucking royalty for fuck's sake, and royalty is a good colour whatever you're wearing. Maybe i was fooled by the title but that Princess Charlene is really stunning, so poised and graceful. These pics really do not do her justice. Anyway, the reason they were at the event was to support the launch of the Polaris Climate Change Observatory which was made possible by the International Polar Foundation. I really do wish i could tell you more about this but unfortunately being a right-brain type i struggle to grasp concepts that are based heavily on science, but i really trust that the scientists are on to something. And if they say we need to pay attention to climate change, then we probably should. So please visit the International Polar foundation site to educate yourself a little better about the issues this whole event was built around. Don't be ignorant now skat, go visit the site. No really, GO.


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