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Wednesday, December 14, 2011



It's 3.30am in the morning, i'm as sleepy as fuck and i need to wake up in about 3 1/2 hours for work. and yet here i am posting away, drinking wine and listening to the the 'Dead Can Dance'. Not my choice really, i'm more of a top 40 kinda guy, but Athi has a thing for shit that's headed towards obscurity, so i listen. Anyway, i haven't posted much in the last few days. I've been out a lot and i've taken shitloads of pics from amazing get-togethers but i honestly have not had the energy. Blame it on Dezemba. I'll post some stuff from the weekend a little later in the week. But tonight i went to check out the Christopher Strong store opening at the top of long street and i just couldn't resist sharing the pics. If I was a slightly cleverer or more together person i would have gone straight to sleep and dealt with these pics tomorrow. At first I wanted to call this post Christopher Strong: Why I hate Michael and Elaine, Why I love Michael and Elaine. I'll tell explain why. Elaine and Michael are the masterminds behind the Christopher Strong brand. Reason no. 1 for hating them: They are fabulously talented and they create exquisite and tasteful garments that have gained a rather dedicated following in Jozi and in CT, and tonight they put together a lovely event that attracted some of my favourite beautiful people. Reason No 2; After the launch they introduced me to what is possibly the most amazing and coolest restaurant/gourmet burger joint in CT (check the pics above). Seriously skat, the place has only 3 tables and it opens only between 5pm and 10pm. the owner in the only guy behind the counter/stove and the place is called 'The Dog's Bollocks'. I mean really, is being talented and successful not enough? Must you also know the coolest spots in town? Reason 3. The last and most important reason I hate them is that these two are the nicest and most down to earth people  i have met recently. Nice, talented, successful, modernist, cool as ice, and super grounded. What's not to hate skattie?...oh and rumour has it that they'll be  launching a menswear line in Feb next year. I'll buy a piece of course (the cheapest one naturally), but i'll hate them for it, just like i hate them for giving me such a solid reason to stay up so late.

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