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Friday, November 18, 2011


Tonight I went to check out STRATA - a visiting artist's exhibition at Greatmore Studios in Woodstock. I haven't been to Greatmore studios in like seven years and to be honest if it were not for my friend Pam Dlungwana who recently took over the marketing for Greatmore, me and the most of the other superficial gallerina types might not have gone for another seven years. You can blame that on a bit a bit of hypocrisy and a taste for the shiny super galleries further up road (even though some of them make us pay for our drinks as if they have a liquor license).  Pity that because i've ended up missing out on a lot of great art that is not necessarily part of Cape Town's rather infamous mainstream art scene. Cape Town makes it so easy to turn into a provincial type, indulging in familiar conversations with familiar faces, especially if you live your life in the city bowl. To be fair though Greatmore studios is no easy space to navigate, like literally. You're never quite sure which bit is a part of the main exhibition and which bit is an artist's studio, and it's got a large  dose of the bohemian. However, judging from tonight, i am excited by it's current state and even more excited for it's future, as much for its artistic future as i am for its social future. Let's be honest here skat, people don't go to openings just for the art, in fact most people spend far more time engaging with each other and the liquid in their glasses than they do with the stuff on the walls. And when that free wine runs out so do they. The artist who were showing tonight are Satadru Sovan (India), Emalie Bingham (SA), Misheck Masamvu (Zim) and Cinga Samson (SA).


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