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Monday, November 21, 2011


It's almost the end of the month and i'm broke as fuck. My fridge is getting dangerously empty, i've been cooking and eating spaghetti bolognaise night after night. In fact when i woke up this afternoon the bleak state of my fridge led me to kfc for a streetwise two. With an extra piece. So the timing for the Eat Out Dstv Food Network Restaurant awards could not have been better. No doubt the best fucking meal ticket in CT tonight. So i defied my hangover which was accompanied by horrible shakes to go and celebrate with the finest in the local culinary scene. And i got to chow down on four amazing courses of fine food, my streetwise two from earlier became a distant memory, a trashy cousin you hope never calls. And of course the wine and food pairing was immaculate. Yes skattie my posh side loves a bit of food and wine pairing, and ja i do have a posh side. I'm only 94.82% trash, the rest is all posh. So ja I had a fucking fantastic evening and i discovered a whole new world i knew very little about, and thanks to the chefs and industry insiders i shared a table with i also got some hot restaurant industry gossip that i wish i could share. As for the style, was quite safe, not much risk, a lot of black, but to be fair this was the Restaurant awards, not the fashion awards.

So if you're not sure where have that next meal, here is a list of the restaurants that made the Top Ten list at the Awards: 1. The Greenhouse / 2. The Test Kitchen / 3. The Tasting Room / 4. The Roundhouse / 5. Overture / 6.Terroir / 7. DW-Eleven-13 / 8. Jordan / 9. Nobu / 10. La Colombe. Of course you can find out more about these restaurants and winners in other categories on the awards page of the Eat Out website


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