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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Today i went to check out the launch of the Airborne a new fragrance by Commes des Garcons in collabo with Hussein Chalayan @ Church Giftshop, it was also the launch of Menu magazine for the upcoming Toffie Food Festival, btw you need to get on that quick skat, it's gonna rock. I blogged about their Popculture festival earlier this year and it was great, so if that's anything to go by then the food festival will be worth your time.  Last year i went to check out the launch of the Commes des Garcons's Wonderwood fragrance at Churchand i fell completely in love and made Athi buy me a bottle for my birthday at threat of divorce. I've also fallen in love with this new citrus-y fragance but unfortunately the threat of divorce no longer works, selfish bastard wants to get it for himself and says as it is not yet my birthday there are  are no grounds for divorce. Besides, i can't really follow through on my threat, maybe if i was skinnier you know, the singles market is not a good place for fatties. Fags are not known to be chubbychasers. And my drop-top died on me so i don't even have that as pulling power. And a fat fag smelling of supermarket deodorant on public transport is not a good look, so ja Athi is the only one who'll have me. Once i get my car fixed i might have to dig further into my own pocket to get that damn fragrance.
On another note, I also ran into Aspasia Karras the editor of Marie Claire magazine and i remembered that i haven't shared the good news with you. I have been nominated for the Marie Claire fashion awards in the Best Fashion Blogger category. Pretty much the coolest thing that's happened to this blog. So my lens and i are sooooo looking forward to the event at the end of this month, when those Jozi fashionistas put on the damage they lay it on thick, can't fucking wait.


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