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Saturday, April 16, 2011


Skattie i warned you a while ago that the day would come when inspiration would run dry, my true colours would show and i will right a cat post. Well that day is here skat, and if furry pussy is not your thing maybe you should stop reading here or deal. To make matters trickier for this blogger my sometimes skeptic partner says all that shit i write about drinking and weight issues is getting rather old and must probably die, shit, what the fuck to fall back on? Now skattie i know you don't come here to read about cats, there's a whole different class of blog for that. However and so sorry for you skat i am a cat person, yes the occasionaly annoying freaky kind that terrorizes friends on facebook with cat pictures, cat related status updates and occasionally i contemplate giving them those corny facebook profiles and yes i don't have DSTV. Today i entered our two russian kittens into a championship cat competition which is organized by 'The Big Cat Club' and they scooped up five awards, so i'm five times the cat person i usually am. It's taking everything in me not to sommer just post cat pictures with this post, but who knows times might get more desperate still.


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