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Sunday, April 24, 2011


Ola skat, do check out the May issue of Elle Magazine, i was recently part of a shoot featured in this issue. It was shot by the talented Elle new talent winner Freddie Child-Villiers, styled by Cameron Arendse and another Elle new talent winner Cleo Droomer. It was a fun shoot and everyone was so nice and chilled (no really skat, i'm not just saying that to kiss ass). The shoot features four other bloggers including Aisha Baker whose blog Baked is one my favourites and she is such a sweetheart. In the same issue they also feature a debate on the fur issue for which they asked me to type a few words, so if you are not tired of reading the shit that runs through my head do check that out. Okay enough with the self -promotion. Just a quick and heartfelt thanks to the people at Elle for their support of this blog. I had to leave early but it was a fantastic afternoon at the shoot....well, except for the awkward call i got from Cleo afterwards asking if i hadn't 'accidentally' left with another blogger's personal clothes, mhmmm.

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