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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Why oh why you may ask am i dedicating this post our sexy dark horse Ms Edwina not so Young. You might not know him, however some of you kaapse art tarts do know him. Anyway, reason: Tonight at the What If The World Gallery opening Eddie went on and on about how much he hates the skattie watermark that i put on to my pics, it is apparently very ugly and it ruins the pics, and he says it also reeks of self-promotion, duh Ed! Any of y'all who are familiar with his work must surely know how much he hates self-promo, in fact i think he hates art altogether, why else would he make so little? Anyway tonight i have not watermarked my pics just for him. i LOVE you Ed.
The pics here are from tonight's exhibition at the WITW gallery(Wednesday), and what a relief skattie that i managed to get this many pics, i spent Monday at the AVA gallery and i must say that the AVA is one of the few galleries that i go to strictly for the art. Not so much because the art is so extraordinary but mainly because the fashion is so ordinary. Don't get me wrong skat, i loved the art on Monday especially Cinga Samson's work but fuck i might as well take pictures of my boring old self, no style for shit. Well at least they've got the good sense not to charge for cheap wine like our friends at the Michael Stevenson and the Blank project gallery. I guess seeing as most of us are not quite ready to buy art they might as well charge for something. But i tell you if i ever get my act together long enough to actually start investing in some art they better throw in a free drink, and i want the good shit. I spent most of Monday chatting to Athi Mongezeleli Joja (for those of you who subscribe to the 'their names all sound the same' school of non-thought, he is not to be confused with my partner Athi-Patra Ruga) about the wonders of crocs, i would have taken a pic for you skat but my camera is uninsured and i feared that my lens would break from the shame. When i saw him in the latest version of the croc with the gingham check stitched on top i feared fashion had died and i hadn't been invited to the funeral. Enough about Monday and Mr Joja's hateful fashion choices, seriously i've only got only one pic from that unfortunate evening. This post is dedicated to my friend the prolific (lol) Ed Young. i LOVE you Ed.


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