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Sunday, April 27, 2014


(CLICK HERE FOR DAY TWO) Everyone descends on the Villa Noailles in Hyères (pronounced kinda like yer) on the Friday. It's a pretty chilled day, and after registration there is little to do other than chill on the grass, enjoy the awesome ambience of the historic cubist villa, drink coffee or beer, indulge in a bit of people watching, and catch up with regulars and friends you haven't seen since last Hyères (see what i did there?).  
You'll eventually get hungry or drunk. Great opportunity to take a walk into town for lunch, the walk takes less than 10 minutes. So walk

and enjoy the views.

You'll get to town eventually.

Once you're good and fed, head back to the villa for a bit more chilling and people watching whilst waiting for the opening ceremony and concert

At about six in the evening, it's time for the official opening. I hate speeches so fortunately for me they're all in French which means they just blend into a soundscape. Oh ja, pretty much everyone speaks French down here, so you might wanna brush up on a few phrases. Although I must say that I've gotten along just fine without having to attempt Frenchagalo. Opening night also comes with a concert situation and an open bar. 

After the concert, the exhibitions open. I enjoyed this business below by the label Kenzo. As is custom at the festival, the president of the jury gets to also exhibit work. This year the honour of jury presidency went to Kenzo Creative Directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon.

Do take pictures of famous jury members, like Chloe Sevigny over here who was on this year's fashion jury for the festival

what the hell! Take another picture, who knows when you'll stand in front of Chloe Sevigny again. 

The fashion show with the 10 young designers takes place in the evening at the salt marshes on the other side of town, you can choose to see it Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I always prefer Sunday, because that is the prize  giving night anyway. So I save Friday for drinking and dinner vibes. Whatever you do, make sure to get yourself invited to the dinner on Friday, the organisers are there, the jury is there, and a host of other fabulous pretty people. Be there, unlike the American girl i run into every year who always complains that she never gets invited to the dinners. Hustle hard. Take inspiration from Britney, "you wanna party in France? you better work bitch!"

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