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Monday, April 28, 2014


(CLICK HERE FOR DAY ONE) Day Two is a great day to properly set up base at the Villa Noailles, all the exhibitions are open and there's the conference which runs all day with various speakers talking all things international textiles and fashion related. I must confess though that i tend to miss those and get caught up in the people watching and exhibitions and concerts. 

Oh and there's the chilling. Lots of it.

and other fun things

You absolutely must go to the designer showrooms to get up close and personal with the young designer ranges and really check out the craftsmanship.

Then there's the exhibitions of the 10 photographers who are also part of the competition

Don't get too chilled and end up missing the rooftop concert. Space is limited, so if you're not there on time, you'll most definitely miss it. 

Come late afternoon and it'll be time to head back to town for the exhibition opening at the Knights Templar Tower at the city square. Like I said yesterday, walk, it only takes ten minutes and you'll get to enjoy the sights on the way there. 

I must confess that I actually didn't know that Spar was a Greenlandic international retail chain with headquaters in Amsterdam until i consulted the internet after spotting this one in Hyères. To think all this time i thought I was supporting a local company.

As with every night, go to an interesting dinner with interesting people. Why travel all that distance to dine alone in your hotel room?

Get drunk enough to walk the streets of Hyères at midnight whilst shooting silly things, and if you have a little more youth in you than I have, head off to the night's afterparty. Athi and I faded after dinner every night and missed all the after parties, because middle age (mine, not his).

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