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Thursday, April 3, 2014


 I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m completely out of motherfucking touch when it comes to sneaker culture, and in fact I’m downright shitty when it comes to footwear in general. I tend to buy the kind of cheap disposable shit that fucks out in a couple of months.  Shit, come to think of it, that applies to my entire wardrobe. It’s like a journey through the mysterious lands of discount shops, in 100% polyester. Sorry designers, love you, love you hair, love your work, hope you win. It’s a strange thing, to love fashion as much as I do, and not care to wear it. I really do love it, and I have in different parts of the fashion for well over a decade, it’s all I know, but the last time I really immersed my self in what I was wearing was when I was still in fashion school and I made all my own clothes, but since then my concern shifted to what other people are wearing, whether it was in my days as a patternmaker, fashion buyer, or even now through fashion writing and fashion blogging.

So anyway, I’m rambing on and on a bit, one of these days I must learn to work out my thoughts before I start typing. Back to sneakers. A couple of nights ago I went to check out the launch of Adidas’s ZX Flux at Smith & Abrahams General Dealers and Outfitters in Woodstock. The sneaks are actually pretty dope, with lotsa different prints applied to the silhouette. The first four up top are the pics of the shoe. Naturally it was a sneakerhead gathering so errbody was rocking their sneaks, some stayed true to the brand and rocked adidas because, you know, it was an adidas event. Of course, some did so because they were lucky enough to have received the call asking for their shoe size, and a couple of days later a delivery of ZX Flux sneaks. I swear my timeline was crazy with insta pics of people showing off nu sneaks and others crying because they never received the call. Naturally, a lotta the people who never got the call rocked up in sneaks from other brands, hehehehe. So, this how the sneaker situation looked this past Tuesday. I was quite democratic by the way, since I know fokol about sneakers, I tried to shoot everybody’s sneakers.

P.s. the Adidas ZX Flux is available at Smith & Abrahams in Woodstock.


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