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Sunday, February 2, 2014


As with last year, I was invited by the Sunglass Hut peeps, who always have one of the best marquees at the Met. Really, I am not just saying that to kiss ass so I can score an invite next year. Props must be given where they are due, and these guys lay it all out for their guests, including a neat R2000 Sunglass hut voucher. From my experience of the last couple of years, theirs and the main J&B marquee are the most desired, Sunglass Hut being very Cape Town social set with sprinklings of Joburg and J&B marquee representing Joburg with a touch of Cape Town. Both are the most socialite and celeb packed, and it's always a trip to watch the social dance, the peacocking, the photo-readiness, the germ free air kisses, and people pleading their case at the entrances, like poor Bujy Bikwa unsuccessfully pleading his case to get into the Sunglass Hut marquee, it was rather painful to watch, well, at least he still had access to the Joburg marquee. Enjoy the pics. Get yourself a copy The Times this Monday to check out more of my Met coverage.


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