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Monday, January 27, 2014


I love this Viv Westwood number  that Deborah is wearing sooo much that I gotta make you look at it twice.

The pics immediately below are of Zimbabwean artist Portia Zvavahera. I didn't know her prior to seeing her work at the opening which was held at the Stevenson gallery. I totally fell in love with her work. Also opening on that night and currently on show at the Stevenson were Viviane Sassen (Highly recommend you click on this link if you haven't seen her work before, I think it's amazing), and works from the Estates of the Mancoba family (Ernest Mancoba, his wife Sonja Ferlov and their Wonga), it was quite a treat to work from all three family members in one room, it's definitely worth a visit. Go, the exhibition runs till 22nd Feb. And visit the Stevenson here to see online pics of the works.

Portia Zvavahera


This past Thursday there was also an opening at Blank Projects or Blank Gallery, I'm not sure what the correct one is these days. The kinda main installation was by a visiting artist, Andrew Gilbert. Askies, fucking idiot that i am left without taking a pic of the installation, which i meant to, but I snapped these two Michael MacGarry pieces below, which some of you might be familiar with. 

Is this not the best tee shirt? Yes, that is LiLo's face. Thank you Roger Young, sorry bout the cut off face, we couldn't have your beautiful visage competing with LiLo Mother of god.

Friday, SMAC gallery in town also had an opening, which was a bit challenging. No, not because of the art, but rather because there's always so much food and drank. The beverage situation is an annoyance at the Stevenson and Blank because they charge for booze (to be fair tho, i read somewhere that the money goes to charity), and food is not an option. SMAC does the exact opposite, always so much food and drink, and in a variety of options. Not really a good thing for me as I am once again taking one last calorie restricted stand against unnecessary munching, and if you remember from last summer, I also don't drink during the months of Nov, Dec and Jan. So it was rather challenging saying no to the food and saying yes to water, but hey, for art's sake. Also, the exhibition was of works by  contemporary British artists curated by SA born British artist Helen A Pritchard together with artist and curator Keith Coventry, so it was kind of a rare opportunity to check out that scene.

Sophy Rickett

Jonathan Yeo
Make sure to take a second look at these two. I also thought they were just leaves, until I came around again and looked again. Look

Ed Young (obvs not a british artist, or is he?)
It wasn't part of this exhibition, it was in a separate section of the gallery, but i love it so much. Ed lives in Cape Town. 


James Nilsen's gorgeous mini greyhound. Not to be a gossip, but I should tell you I overheard him saying that he would be taking the dog to all the upcoming art openings, so this will be a regular feature on the Cape Town art opening scene. Just letting you know.


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