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Sunday, December 16, 2012


I've been meaning to post this for like ever, I suppose this is the best time, whilst I'm on a roadtrip. The snaps are from two articles that are written around my favourite activity, roadtripping. The Visi piece at the top was written by my friend and regular partner in roadtrip crime Fumi (@onefumi), it's about some our best adventures on the road in summer. It's in the current issue of VISI, he's a very witty and very funny writer so the piece is worth your time, and i'm not just saying that coz he's my friend, okay? 

The second piece is in the current December issue of ELLE, my friend Luisa (@luisawastaken) and I went on a roadtrip a little over a month ago for ELLE. It was more of a fashion safari, hunting through Hermanus, Greyton and Stanford village for the best fashion specimen. I probs should have posted this earlier because tomorrow the Jan issue comes out.

And of course, us Eastern Cape "refugees" make that great trek to the EC every Dec to visit the fam and recharge, Athi and I always try to make a fun roadtrip out of it, so our very first stop was dinner and a sleepover with friends Diana and Barend in Paradise, Knysna. No jokes, their cabinin the woods really is in an area called Paradise. AMAZE! Anyway we gotta drive on. Enjoy the holidays and have yourselves a marvelous kiki.


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