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Friday, December 21, 2012


Okay ja I said I was going to take a break from fashion blogging 'til Jan. In retrospect, I'm not sure who i was kidding, me or you skatebol, probably you. Perhaps I was just looking for an excuse to post vacation/roadtrip pics without feeling like I'd strayed too far from the usual, fuck knows. Anyway, I am taking a break from taking a break to hook up this end of year list series featuring some of my favourite people with thriller style. The cool part of me hates them corny ass 'Best of' lists, but I'm far more corny than I am cool. I still spit at my screen and google 'how to make letter bombs' everytime I  read one, and yet i can't let one go by without reading it. In fact, in my boredom I have started seeking them out, googling best of motherfucking everything 2012.  So I'm going to go thru this years' posts and hook this series up, I 'm not sure how many I'll do, it depends on what i find, might be 2 might b more, we'll see.

To start the series off I can't think of anybody better than Chu Suwannapha (@ChuSuwannapha), Stylist, former Fashion Director at Fair Lady and as of this year Fashion Director at You/Huis Genoot. Chu is bold and fucking brilliant with his prints, a thriller, and I love his signature Missibaba bag. He also happens to be one of the nicest people in fashion and he thinks it's hysterically funny when fashion fangirls ask to take a picture with him and then excitedly tell their friends they just took a picture with Dion Chang. We've developed a bit of a ritual everytime we meet, we quickly say our hellos and before we even start chatting and jugding 2009-state-of-mind-bitches-in-bodycons I'm like "Chu, let's get the picture out of the way now skattie so we can relax", I can't risk getting distracted and not getting a shot. I've taken so many of him I started chopping his head off (askies) ever since Janine Jellars (@janine_j) started asking me if I was by any chance planning on changing the name of my blog to 'Chu, what are you wearing?'. That Janine, that tounge.  


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