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Friday, December 7, 2012


Okay I have to ask skat, Is Arno Carstens making a comeback? is that even possible? Maybe I’m the idiot, maybe he never left, fuck it, maybe it’s Maybelline. I ask because last week  he performed at the Guess party and before I could say has-been I saw him perform at the Ray-ban event last night, two ‘fashion’ events in the space of a week. And if tweets are anything to go by, people seemed quite excited by his performances at these events. Obviously I’m not naïve enough to believe what I read on fashionista tweets, goodie bags are not as free as one might think. Many a fashionista has trashed a show whilst tweeting “bravo, bravo. hashtag bestEver”. Anyway, whether he is back or not or just cashing in on corporate gigs, I’m glad to see him work. I love seeing artists/performers do their thing, make their cash. Total thriller, thrills me sumthn chronic. Lawd knows our local performers and artists could do with a whole lot more support. And I celebrate the brands who support them. Ray-ban had quite a few musicians performing at the event, if memory serves me right, about 6 of them including AKA and The Plastics. The pics above are from the event, except the two at the bottom, that's after when i hooked up with friends.


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