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Monday, October 22, 2012


@ the stevenson for steven cohen

@ san remo for a group show

the work of atang tshikare @ san remo

fri @ evol with dj liquida'tcha des garcon

People are so exciting, even way beyond the clothes they wear. Yes the clothes are exciting enough but it’s the people really that bring life to the clothes. I’ve been asked a coupla times for my definition of style, I always say the same thing, “Style I think is about understanding how to use what is available out there, in a way that is in tune with you, your body and your personality, and somehow presents you in the best possible light aesthetically. And I think sometimes that is best achieved with a certain knowledge of fashion trends whether one would like to admit it or not".  I may be talking absolute rubbish but I take comfort in the knowledge that it is rubbish I believe 100%. 

I r a comfort dresser, so when we next meet dear skat, do not ask me "skattie! what are you wearing?" with that look on yer face. You know it's a pair of trainers, denims and hoodie, don't act. My kaftan's in the laundry bitch!


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