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Thursday, July 5, 2012


Yes, I’m in Grahamstown. Yes, this is my first ever G’town national arts festival, last time I was here was as a child when my parents brought me for a day of the arts (because they knew they were raising a fag), I’ve wanted to do the full week forever, even though I am so-so when it comes to theatre. btw, it’s taken me forever to come out of the closet about that. I like the arts so it’s always an assumption that I should looooove theatre too, and so many of my friends are in theatre. But unfortunately except for a few exceptional or light-hearted works I really don’t enjoy it that much these days, strange but true, over the last coupla days i've seen some i like and some i don't like.Special mention goes out to Mamela Nyamza for her dance piece "Okuya phantsi kwempumlo", i enjoyed that. Performance art I'm starting to like even less, that bit doesn’t go down well because my partner is a performance artist, thankfully he understands, and possibly even celebrates my so-so interest. There’s something about performance art, the snobbishness of it all, artists putting together work so referential that it only makes sense to other artists. Audience anyone? Anyway, that’s on my mind now because last night I went to see Steven Cohen’s Cradle of Humankind. Well, back to things on my level, the fashion here fucking sucks, it’s fucking festival fashion and I fucking hate festival fashion. I spend a lot of time around artists and I really do love the retards, but perhaps it’s not really a great idea to give them their own festival. Okay let them have it, but maybe they should not be allowed to dress themselves, suddenly I am sooooooo looking forward to fashion week. anyway, tonight we went to Olde 65, a spot/club in town and I got to take a few pics which I liked, away from the talent and the rastas, and these are them. I will be here for a couple more days, wish my ignorant ass luck and bearable theatre. later.


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