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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


As the title suggests, I spent yesterday at the Mr Price HQ in Durbs, with a group of people in fashion media where Mr P showed us the upcoming summer themes and launched their online store, Well, the actual launch is this coming Monday but we got to play around with it a bit and do a bit of shopping. As far as I know, online shopping has been a bit of a struggle in SA. But I must say from what I saw yesterday I was super impressed, especially because you get access to absolutely every bit of merchandise they offer, and I'm not just talking shit because they flew us there, fed us and gave us free swag.  The way it works is, you log on, you order and you receive ur stuff within two days. The stuff i ordered yesterday afternoon arrived this morning, so fuck yeah! Another thing that i think will work well for Mr P is that you can pay via credit card, cheque card, post office, EFT or drop off the cash at ur nearest store, all at a flat rate 35 bucks. Of course I'm hoping that this is going to be a gamechanger for local retail, you know, to make things more competitive, because that way you and I gain. So the day day turned out really nice, and thank gawd for that because it did not start as well. I fucking hate waking up early and i had to for the flight. I was also not sure what to wear because as usual nothing fits (and people have a tendency to ask me stupid questions like 'skattie, what are you wearing?), and my partner who I might stick a knife to one of these days complimented my outfit by saying that I looked great for a plus size person, and that I could be a spokesperson for the waistless. I am sharpening my knife as I type.


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