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Sunday, February 12, 2012


Something that always happens to me when i go to events billed as fashion show
events, my eye always gets a little more critical than usual, i can't just sit back
and enjoy the show. However, over time I've learnt to remind myself to know the
difference between certain types of fashion shows. There are the fashion week shows
where designers show new ranges and their interpretation of the season, in which case i
think it is perfectly okay to bring one's inner critic along. Then there are the fundraising/
society type of fashion do's. The show featured on this post is that kind of show.
Generally these shows will show garments that the designers currently have in store,
some may have even been worn at certain events by socialites, like the orange and grey
Stefania Morland number which Jo-Anne Strauss debuted at the J&B Met. Some of the
garments one might have seen at a previous fashion week. The crowd is also different,
this is primarily a fundraising event so the front row is likely to be filled with a suburban
looking set, with suburban hair. It is important when one attends this type of event
to...well...tame the inner critic, to accept the event for what it is, a fundraising
event for a great cause with a fun fashion element. I find that once one accepts that fact
of life then one can have a great night as I had on Friday evening at the Red Carpet
Fashion Show event held at the Rotunda in Camps Bay. The designers on show were
Malcom Kluk, CGDT, Craig Port, Stefania Morland and Jagadi Haute Couture. Proceeds
from the event will be donated to joinFITE (Financial Independence Through
Enterpreneurship) which is a global women's empowerment organisation founded by
skincare brand Dermalogica.


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