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Friday, February 10, 2012


Tonight i went to check out the opening of 73 Kloof street, which is the flagship store of
womenswear label Take Care, shared with menswear and luggage label Adriaan Kuiters.
They will also stock a few select items from other local talented designers. I do love to
see labels develop, and i love also knowing that people are making a contribution to the
local fashion industry, so fuck yeah! The choice of address also got me thinking. I got
to Cape Town in 1999 and back then Kloof street was a much more boho experience.
It wasn't total hippieville, bongwater didn't flow on the street gutters, no skattie that
would be Obz. But it was not as trendy as it has become. I like it, i like that it's a good
environment for businesses to thrive. Anyway skat, it's late and I am as exhausted as
fuck, and i can't think of anything interesting to write. I am on day 9 of a 30 day juice
fast, and whilst it's been great so far for some reason tonight the energy levels are a bit
low and i feel like a grumpy old bitch (not saying that old bitches are grumpy but). So on
that note enjoy the pics and goodnight.


  1. Fabulous photos! Thanks for coming.
    Carey x

  2. Hi Carey. Pleasure and thank YOU :-)


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