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Sunday, February 26, 2012


Fair Lady Fashion Director Chu Suwannapha (@ChuSuwannapha) trying his hand on a sewing machine. I'm still a bit pissed off that his satchel came out much better than mine, and it was his first time on an industrial sewing machine.
Elle Fashion Editor Asanda Sizani (@AsandaSizani) stitching away. And you thought she was strictly front row.
Kwena Baloyi - @roekiety - (with the head scarf) from Drum Magazine. She is erm....checkin out the progress on her skirt.
Bloggers and students on the cutting table.

A couple of weeks ago I received an invitation to join a blogger workshop at Elizabeth Galloway Design Academy in Stellenbosch. The girl bloggers were gonna get to make their own skirts and boy bloggers make satchel bags. Now not to sound like a dick but I’m ever so skeptical of blogger gatherings. They’re probably a good networking opportunity but something about them always feels kinda weird, maybe it’s because I’m kinda shy and I sometimes freak out about the idea of being in a room with strangers, and being expected to relate to each other because we all spend an excessive amount of time online. Anyway I decided to get over my damn self and go to check the event out. Thank gawd I did because I actually ended up having lots of fun. And there were a couple of very friendly and familiar faces from the magazines whose company I always enjoy whenever I get to see them, namely Chu, Asanda and Deryn. I also got to sit on an industrial sewing machine and stitch my own satchel. I haven’t been on a machine ever since I graduated from fashion school in 1999, and fuck am I rusty! However, my favourite reason why I’m glad I went; I did not attend the student show at Elizabeth Galloway last year and fortunately lecturer Derek Geddes (@Derel_Geddes) had dvd copies of the graduate show, so I grabbed one to enjoy at home. I really love fashion school graduate shows, it’s the final opportunity that the students have to explore their wildest fantasies and sow off their talent without having to worry about market forces. The SA fashion industry unfortunately has very little room for un-commercial fashion ideas. For some however, the shows are also an opportunity to impress potential new employers, retailers and manufacturers scouting for designers. Whatever the student’s goal, graduate shows are my favourite kind of fashion show. So after watching the video, I thought I’d try my hands at editing it into a shorter 3 minute 30 second video (the original is 52 minutes) with clips of some moments that I enjoyed the most so I could share with those of you who enjoy student shows as much as i do. When watching the video please excuse the big iSkysoft logo/watermark, unfortunately to get the video into iMovie so I could edit it I had to download a trial version of a DVD ripping software, and ja it comes with a moerse watermark. Note to self: buy DVD ripping software. 


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