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Thursday, June 9, 2011


Hello skattie, it's been a few days since my last confession, blame it on the weather. I've had a great few evenings relaxing at home, watching bad tv (still no dstv), surfing the net, watching Beyonce's Girls video a 100 times and contemplating my deteriorating taste in music and other things cultural. I blame it on my age, what else could it be? when i was younger i couldn't stand the radio, i liked that 'cool' not so commercial music and those edgy fashion magazines. I'm not even that far into my 30s and a feather down duvet plus the latest copy of Heat equals an evening well spent. My favourite choons are readily available on the top ten playlist of my favourite radio station, dub is what they do to foreign language movies so i can understand them, there's nothing magical about mushrooms and drum n' bass is just plain stupid. I don't even find myself interested in re-visiting the music of my youth on some ironic tip and i honestly believe Katy Perry when she tells me "baby you're a fiiiiiiirework", and i'm ready to oblige on the next song when she tells me "don't be shy, show me your peacock-cock-cock". My pet hate though is that damn 90's obsession some of the kids are into right now, it's the most fucking desperate trend. I'm sure you've seen them around skattie, running around like they just jumped out of a Salt n Peppa video into a TLC cd cover, and gawd forbid but i hear a goth revival might also be around the corner. Yeah sure fashion has been stuck in a retro-rut, but the 90's? I was around for that shit, it sucked then and it sucks now. Ag, maybe it's not so much the 90's i hate, i think it's the damn literal interpretation or maybe i'm just that out of touch. But surely with the benefit of hindsight we now know that some bad fashion choices were made in that decade, so when we re-visit those old trends should we not combine them with our new knowledge? Create something a bit fresh?Anyway, what the fuck do i know in my corporate ass stripe shirts? Wear what the fuck you want 90s kid.  However, if i see a pair of those Spice Girl-esque Buffalo tekkies you know i'm buying a pair, loved them then, still love them now.


  1. OMG!!! I killed myself this morning.....Good write Babe! I hear you on the Katy Perry, I think we know we're getting older and maybe its cuz we need something to make us feel better about ourselvees.....I do confess I did not own those buffalo tekkies either, couldnt afford them then but, if they come I will freakin buy them in three different colours!!!Lovies, looking forward to your next post,Mwah

  2. Thanks Wendy. btw i used to own a pair, so sad i threw them away, they looking good again

  3. "running around like they just jumped out of a Salt n Peppa video into a TLC cd cover"... Nuff said!


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