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Sunday, June 26, 2011


My distaste for good ol' Obzlavatory is no secret. I used to live and party in Obz back in the day, 10 years  ago to be exact so i'm being a bit of a hypocrite, but most grown up are, so deal skat. When i grew a little less boho i shaved my dreads and moved. But i remember the house parties in Obz to be the most fun piss ups, and it was with those memories in mind that i went to check out my friend's party on Friday night, and this one didn't disappoint either, it was such a jol and God forbid but i think i might do it again. Fuck skat, last time i danced that much was 15kilos ago in nearly as many years ago. I don't do much dancing anymore , thanks to close and trusted friends who always make a point of reminding how truly pathetic i am on the dancefloor everytime i drink up enough courage to attempt rythmic movements in public spaces. and i used to think being black automatically meant i could dance maybe even moonwalk, sadly that stereotype didn't turn out so true and my feet didn't grow to a respectable size either. And now with age, fading looks and a much slowed down metabolism my dreams of being a back-up dancer in a Chris Brown video are looking rather sad, like dreadlocks on white folks. Actually to be fair dreadlocks don't really look that great on anybody these days, i wonder if Jabu Stone  is still making money? My absolute worst though are those thin little ones that  corporate type  guys grow to beyond shoulder length and then cornrow in intricate patterns, like that guy in the Castle Lite ad (sies), the one featuring Vanilla Ice (double sies). Personally i think the Hansa ad is on to a better thing with Vuyo and his wors, i'd rather eat that wors. Maybe it's just me but i think long hair looks shit on a grown ass man, much like sporty convertibles on balding daddies.


  1. I love the pictures..loks like on awesome party....I've been to sa twice in my life and wanna come back for sure..m Zambian but live in Wales...check my blog when u get the time but i looove yours

  2. Thanks for the love, gonna go check out your blog now.

  3. twas goo. nice writeup! and i hate obs too ever since it killed my homey.

  4. This is amazing, you take amazing pictures - Playful and vibrant. I can't say I hate Obz, infact I am currently based there, I found my way to all the weirdo's that are not ashamed to be themselves. Obz people are so cultured and that's why I love it but I am sure you eventually get over it. Fantastic blog by the way :-)


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