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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Skattie don't you just love it when you pick a theme for your party and your friends rock up dressed appropriately? Of course there'll always be a couple of arseholes in tee-shirts and jeans but  that's okay as long as most people make the effort (some better than others). It really is a bit annoying when one thinks up a theme only to have one's guests arrive as though they didn't get the memo, or to arrive at a party dressed up only to stick out like a sore thumb, like you're the one that fucked up. Thankfully that wasn't the case at my friend Angie's birthday party last nite as i'm sure you can see on the pics above. As for what the theme was, probably more fun for you to figure that one out for yourself. Thank you Angie and happy birthday sweetheart.

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