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Saturday, March 26, 2011


It's been a fucking fantastic week on the Cape Town culture vulture scene. starting with a recital at the Michael Stevenson gallery on Tuesday as part of their 'new evenings' initiative. I'm not even that big on classical music but i went and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening, thanks to my partner who dragged me out of the house whilst displaying a very low tolerance for my pop sensibilities and fanta grape palate. Then on to dinner with the Doepelganger women on Wednesday night, the Doepelganger event on thursday night featuring fresh Jozi talent in the form of Cuss's Jamal Nxedlana , Dirty Paraffin and Big Space (check out Urban Mosadi's blog for more pics). Tonight (Friday night) i went to check out a collaboration between Tumi (of Tumi and the Volume) and the Cape Town Philharmonic orchestra, the event was part of the Toffie pop culture festival. i had a great time at these events so far this week, i felt inspired and rejuvinated by the fresh creativity out there, i should elaborate but I make such a kak critic, a pathetic psycophant plus i'm a little self absorbed. Besides i'm sure you've had your share of over-embellished blogger opinions in your time. If you weren't there you missed it and i certainly am not eloquent enough to bring you closer to the experience. All you can do now is google the names and watch out for their future events so you can make sure you're there to make up your own mind. If you are in Cape Town and you are reading this on Saturday March the 26th 2011, get up off your arse and make your way to the Toffie pop culture festival afterparty tonight at the City Hall. The theme is Sailors and Secretaries so dress accordingly, r50 gets you in. There is also the Cape Town Jazz Festival happening this weekend, unfortunately i will not be checking that out, I can't miss the Toffie party, it's gonna be the best party ticket tonight. Besides, i can't part with r500 for a jazz festival ticket. The reason i'm holding on to my 500 hard earned rands is that i'll be spending the early half of next week in Barcelona and the latter half in London, so i'm hoping to shop a lot. I really need to invest in some semi decent plus size threads before somebody asks me the question i ask myself when i look at the mirror, "really skattie, what the fuck are YOU wearing?". Enough with the four corporate shirts, the kaftan, the two pairs of jeans and that bloody waistcoat. I know it's a far more noble idea to shop in SA and improve our economy and our ailing clothing industry. but the fact is that interesting shit is cheaper overseas. Sorry.


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