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Friday, March 18, 2011


It is 21h00 on Thursday night, i am home, i am tired, the Animatrix dvd is playing, i want to watch it and marvel at the high techo-pretentiousness of the early noughties. I just came back from the Facehunter party. Yes, Yvan Rodic is in town and tonight he had a book signing, Q&A, photo shoot and super fun piss-up all rolled into one slick evening. Although i would have liked to stay for longer i left quite early, and the party was just getting better as i left. I couldn't stay because i was so exhausted from Wednesday night which i spent at  WHATIFTHEWORLD gallery and later at YOUNGBLACKMAN, both had exhibition openings. The pics above are from that evening. i'll post the pics from the Facehunter gig later, and so will the rest of Cape Town blogosphere. I  love Cape Town, certain parts of her atleast, and i love observing Cape Town and it was very interesting watching how she behaved herself in the company of a rockstar style blogger. As urban South Africans, our favourite past time is looking at ourselves through the eyes of the worldly outsider. Maybe the whole world is like that, i don't know, i'm a bit short on leisurely world travels. it's mostly probably a  good thing, this popular desire to  be involved on all things 'world stage', i think.


  1. Little kids always have the BEST clothes. Love that girls dress!!!

  2. @ Gec, ja, i stopped to admire her style, the little one, must get it from her parents im sure.
    Your b/w pics capture the evening well. Also love the quietness of Pam's photo. Oh shoot, i just love the entire post and your dedication to your blog. Thank you.

  3. Thanks guys. super thanks for the support.


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