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Monday, March 14, 2011


 i hardly went out last week hence no pics and no posts. it was good actually, my liver also needs a break from time to time. I got the itch on Thursday though and i went out to check Mthwakazi perform at Zula. I love her music so it was kind of hard to stay away. Like i've stated on a previous post about her, she's not what one might call a fashion force, more of a force against fashion. It also doesn't help matters that she tends to attract a rather boho crowd, so i couldn't take a lot of pics, i had to push past a multitude of crocheted dresses just to get the 3 pics i liked. Bohemian style used to be a thing du jour earlier in the previous decade, most people have since moved on but there are few still holding on, still avoiding haircuts, still waiting to exhale that last bong hit. Moving on, i also had a few friends over at my place on Saturday and as usual i terrorised them with my lens. Anyway, i feel slightly more alive again and i am planning on a more active week. I think there's even an exhibition opening coming up, can't wait. I think it was Andy Warhol who said "I would go to the opening of anything, even a toilet seat", well skattie this week i'm totally jonesing for one, i'd do the same. Touch wood skattie coz knowing some of these conceptual art types it might turn out to be just that.


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