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Friday, November 5, 2010


So there i am, thursday night about to turn 32 in 4 days, feeling young as fuck, tweeting and facebooking off about going to the Spence online shop media launch and having to rush to Mohau and Lerato's opening at the blank gallery immediately afterwards. I thought back to a couple of weeks ago when my friend Liam Mooney called what i do for blog content 'Social sluttery', I felt it. Outfit totally planned, got home and nothing fucking fits, like literally, and i was already 10 mins late, no time to quickly go shopping for a new XXL shirt. The only shirt that fit had a fucking suspiscious looking stain at the back hem, which i only noticed after 10 mins of ironing. After a further half an hour of fucking agony trying on everything in my closet and being repeatedly brought face to face with my current obese state, I eventually had no choice but to wear my stained shirt, hoping that i would remember to check every 5mins whether it was still tucked in or not. A bit dodge, but made me feel like i had a dirty secret. Unfortunately, keeping the extra 10kilos i have put on in the last three months a secret is rather tricky.
So onto the social sluttery then (where even the fat have a place); I went off to the Spence online shop media launch, stains and all. I met up with my friend Unathi there, more about him later. Well put together event, but then again i did not expect less. Yes it was a media launch and therefore a PR exercise, and i can already imagine all the beatiful adjectives that shall soon fill up Cape town fashion blogosphere about the event. But i am a fan of the PR work that the guys at 'Girl about town' do. Tonight they got me again. I like the idea, it's a cool online shop with a simple interface that focuses on the good designer product on offer rather than bandwidth-wasting rubbish. The shop features local design talent such as Christopher Strong, Selfi, Adriaan Kuiters, Margot Molyneus, Take Care, Steffany Roup and Missibaba. Of course there is much more amazing and credit-card-accessible fashion on the actual site. Go check it out,  
As mentioned before, my friends had an opening at the Blank and i had to rush there, but not before dropping my socialite friend Unathi at a shoe launch on Kloof. Unathi socialises. Like seriously. Naturally i had to stay a bit, feel the mood and get a pic or two, it was a sneaker launch, so not really me. I eventually left and i went off to join my beloved art tarts at the blank gallery for the opening and the black label beer they always serve. it really is like Mother's milk. Okay, i'm rambling on a bit, and for tonight i probably should stop writing. And drinking. Blame it on that Vodka i just found in the goodie bag from the Spence do. I really should stop drunken blogging in general. how will i ever become a respectable blogger like those other guys that stood in  a cricle and chatted with each other earlier this evening? I wonder what i missed out on, were they sharing blogging tips? Were they sharing weight loss tips?
 P.S. We are launching ' Skattie, what were you wearing?' -The qauterly print archive of this blog at the Blank Gallery on the 26th of November 2010. So keep that date open Skattie. More info to follow and so will your invite. 

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  1. "oh dear what kind of a place is this? where even fat people walk around with confidence."... one of Sizo's friends said that... hehehehehehe...

    checked out the spence site earlier, very thin on men's accessories, or is it that someone was just too damn lazy to upload pics?... love the concept though...


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